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Developing a sketch into a finished product can be long, expensive and frustrating. The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors, but mostly on having the right professionals work on your product! We work with a range of specialized pattern makers and sample rooms to insure that your product is being developed by a specialist in your product category.

Start Up

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How we work:
1. To create your own style, we need a technical pack with all the measurements, sewing details,fabric composition and finally color reference. If you are providing the fabrics, we also need the name of the supplier and price per meter or kilogram.
2. In case you don’t have the necessary information, because you lack the experience in textile, we can also help: – Send us a piece of clothing and we can copy the measurements and sewing details, so you can make your own style.
3. If you don’t have references of the fabric you want to use, it’s important to send us a piece of clothing or a sample of fabric to use as reference, so we can find you a similar fabric.

I Have a Fashion Brand

All the development and production

Provide us your technical drawings with measurements and references of fabrics and we will find you the perfect fabric for your collection, make the pattern, make the salesman samples and also produce your collection!

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