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We Make Your Samples

From Specs to Sample

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At Jahitin Studio, we recognise that the only way to to ensure your productions consistently yield perfect fitting clothing is to spend a considerable amount of energy on perfecting our samples. It’s the final approved sample that determines how every other piece comes offthe production line.

Making sample is an envolving process- It’s about perfecting the shape, fit, fabrics, and features of clothing. The beauty of working ith CMA is that you get work together with your own dedicated Production Manager who ensures your sample making process is efficiently handled in a timely fashion.

On this page, we’ve provided an easy-to-understand explanation of how CMA’s sample making process works. If you have questions, simply click this Contact Us link for assistance.

We Always Produce Sample First



Once your patterns are cut, the sample making process begins for all of your styles. We prefer to make sample in the correct fabric that you’ve chosen to ensure a clearer understanding of the drape and flow for each style. We make one sample in one size first , the Sample Size. This Master Sample will eventually become the template from which all future pieces will be modelled. If you wish to have more than one sample for the same style, let us know ; additional costs will apply.


After the first round of your master samples are completed, we’ll ship them out to you so hat you can try them on to test its fit and sizing. If you wish to make any alterations, submit updated tech packs to your Production Manager and they will arrange a call with you to confirm the updated details. Adjustments can be made on the master sample if you shitp it back to us or a new sample a can be produces; additional costs will apply for new samples.



A crucial part of making clothing samples is testing the colour of dyed fabric or the clarity of artwork that is emroidered or printed on your clothing. If you request to custom dye fabric; you must submit Pantone Colour Codes. For placement prints and for embroidery, we test the artwork in its exact dimension. For yardage prints, we test a 30cm x 30cm strike-off. Check out these tests- click here.


Jahitin Studio Production Managers are all seasoned fashion manufacturing professionals with extensive experience in clothing production. Your dedicated Production Manager will always keep you apprised of each development through every stage of your sample making process by sending you photos, videos, and arranging calls with you. You’ii always be kept in the loop – nothing goes a head without your approval.